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Since 1792 we've provided peaceful and elegant final resting places for New Brunswickers. It's important to us that we give our ancestors a resting place that reflects the respect they deserve.

Contact Info

tel: 506. 672. 4309

1650 Manawagonish Road
Saint John, New Brunswick E2M 3Y3

Our three cemeteries are managed by a non-profit organization. Our cemeteries are elegant, caring resting places with beautiful green views where your loved ones can rest peacefully.

Cremation Options

If you or your loved one has chosen cremation, we have two options available.


A regal granite columbariun graces both Greenwood and Cedar Hill Extension Cemeteries.

Niches are available in both locations. Each niche will accommodate two cremation burials.

The Cedar Hill Extension is nestled among the maple trees and is clothed in a warm cinnamon granite. The Greenwood columbariun is elegant and classic, crafted from rich ebony and grey granite. It is situated close to Babyland.

You can have your loved one's names placed on a traditional bronze plaque at the Cedar Hill Extension Cemetery columbariun. Laser engraving is used at our Greenwood location columbariun. The laser engraving allows for greater creativity in memoralizing the loved one as it's possible to engrave images along with the text.

The benefit of a columbariun is that there is virtually no maintenance involved.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our columbariuns.

Urn Garden

Our Urn Gardens are a very popular choice. The Cedar Hill Extension's Urn Garden is at the top of a hill. With this location, you can see the Bay of Fundy to the east. This Urn Garden is in a cheerful, sunny location with a scattering of family sponsored saplings growing nearby. There's a lovely walkway through the garden. Flat markers dot the lush green grass.

Greenwood Cemetery is soon going to also have an Urn Garden. This location will have a lovely nature feel as there is a grove of large trees closeby. This location is peaceful and calming. Here you can hear the sound of birds and the wind wafting through the trees.

For further information about our Urn Gardens, please contact our office.